Intimacy and intensity is what I offer.
Real satisfaction is what I have in mind for you. 
quality time for your pleasure, 
all to make you  feel special.


About me

Experienced, established and well-adjusted man who is fit and active. Well educated and a lot of life experience so always in for a meaningful and intelligent conversation. I’m creative in mind and incredibly intuitive when it comes to reading people which translates well in and out of the bedroom. For me sex is more then a quick fuck, I believe intensity and connection should provide an experience that should be memorable. I am truly versatile and willing to please you both actively and passively. Working as a Nurse and Social Worker most of my life made me Creative, Discrete, Social, Empathic and most of all, I developed the skills to attend to the needs of others which now I can transfer into bringing you the satisfaction you deserve.  When I see  you enjoy yourself, it stimulates me even more.

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My services

Before I tell you about my services I would like to share something with you. 

Escort often confused with prostitution but actually being escort means that this person sells his time. What he does in this time is his own business,  this can be sex  Of course,  but there is so much more that they can offer.

I am an international escort so I am willing to travel to clients or with clients all over the world.

I divide my services in 3 categories, erotic, social and relaxing. For those who are really interested in my services there is a special part on this website with more information, price list, more Pictures and video's . 

Just  ask me for the code. 





The erotic appointment. Were pleasure and lust should find their way to satisfaction. Let me know your special wishes and i will do my best to fore fill them. I am very open minded and willing to do a lot, although i have my boundaries  and I am strong enough to not cross them. 

So if you want me for an hour or a night, i am sure we can spend our time trying to make you enjoying your wildest fantasies.

For those who are searching for some nice company but not in a sexual way. To kill some lonely moments, Maybe go to that theatre play you want to see but you don't want to go alone.  Rake that trip you want for so long already.

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I offer an intimacy experience, a great way to learn about letting go, sexual and emotional. Feel d body to body contact without fear and lean to enjoy it again. Discover those special spots that you didn't even know about yourself. This experience contains nude body contact but no sex. Where you decide how it ends, complete satisfied or with a healthy dose of hormones to make it a special day. This can also be a first step for couples to bring back intimacy in their life when you seem so have lost it and don't know how to pick it up again. 


The extra part of my website is where you can find more information about me, some extra pictures and videos too. There is room to leave comments or ask questions.

Maybe you want something that i can make  just for you. 

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Bedankt voor de inzending!