Who am i?

Honest, social, creative, discrete, intimate pleaser.


I started working as escort when I didn't get any satisfaction out of the dates I had anymore. Always searching for something, but I actually didn't know what I was searching for. What did I miss so much? Why did I feel so sad and lonely just  being home from a date? Why always starting to search for something new right away?

Intimacy, was what I was missing.  The dates were just lust, but they didn't give me that special feeling. When I started working as an escort I could share intimacy with my clients, I found out that sex wasn't the first thing for a lot of them. missing Company, someone close, cuddle, The  things that make loneliness one of the most heavy feelings a person can have is what most of them are searching for.

"it was like spending time with a friend instead of being with an escort" Is what some clients told me, that makes me proud, that's the best compliment I can imagine an escort can get. I get my pleasure out of pleasing ,see the other enjoy and forget the world around them for a bit.  It doesn't matter if I join them for a dinner, if we visit a theater, having mild till wild sex session, as long as the client feels comfortable and happy I know I do a good job.

(I  have travelled a lot to many places to visit my clients)

In my Free time I like to keep myself busy in a creative way some of my interest are: Photography, Design, architecture and interior, the psychologie of sex and fetishes', travel, cook,  music, friends and with the right  balance between party animal and romanticus I feel quite conformable in almost all situations. 
I have been working for over 20 years as a nurse, so I read people easily, this gives often quite fast a great connection and isn't that what it's all about? At the moment I am starting my own business, I used this covid period to study, and now I am an  intimacy coach hoping to open an intimacy center in the future.  My life has not always been easy, but I turned those experiences into positive life lessons. I have been born and raised in the south of the Netherlands in Limburg and now since 15 years I try to live my life the best way possible in Amsterdam. Working as escort is actually one of the best choices I  ever made, the variety of amazing people I have met during this time made my life so much better. I can use my creativity in many ways, and I always get fascinated by the crazy and fun things some clients ask for. I am open for many things but of course I have my boundaries, and I am strong enough to hold on to them. But if you don't ask, you will never know. My golden rule: I treat you with the same respect you treat me.

Hope to hear from you          -xx- Danco

just me

About me

Danco Style




45 years old

Settled down in Amsterdam,

The Netherlands 

Dutch, English and German 

1.77 m/  5.840 ft

70 kg/ 154.32 lb

Gray/black short Hair

Brown eyes

shoesize 42/8.5

Lot's of tattoo's

Some piercings

100% versatile

19cm/7,4 inch

cis man

both active/passive


Open minded

travel and host


Leather, ladz, casual


Covid vaccinated